Bedford Team Tri Relays
28 May 2017
Final Results

Results for One And A Half Men So Far

Triathlon Relay

Pos'nNameTeam/ClubClassClass Pos'nBibTimeSwim Lap OneSwim Lap TwoSwim Lap ThreeTransition OneBike OneTransition TwoBike TwoTransition ThreeBike ThreeTransition to RunRun OneRun TwoRun ThreeEastern Region
32ndLucy Oatterson, Lee Gilchrist, Greg Cairns
One And A Half Men So FarMixed1st1904:02:2900:13:4400:18:3700:15:2400:00:4000:49:0700:00:5600:39:3600:00:4500:36:1900:00:2000:23:0800:21:3200:22:21Y
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