Man Vs Mountain
2 September 2017
Final Results

Results for Guardians of Blighty

Show Splits

Man vs Mountain

Pos'nNameTeam/ClubClassGenderGender Pos'nBibStart TimeTime
692ndAlex Tinsley
Guardians of BlightyMale SeniorMale1st139309:02:0106:49:14
987thHolly Kilbey
Guardians of BlightyFemale SeniorFemale1st80409:02:0107:43:47
988thLibby Anderson
Guardians of BlightyFemale SeniorFemale2nd1809:01:5807:43:51
989thColin Witcher
Guardians of BlightyMale SeniorMale2nd152709:02:0907:43:55
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