AAT G3 No1
6 January 2018
Final Results


Josh Carter completed the 10K Run in 00:49:45

Overall position
10K Men Open
All men


Course Result - 4th of 267

10K Run

Pos'nNameTeam/ClubClassClass Pos'nGenderGender Pos'nBibTimePace
2ndEd Fisher
-10K Men Open2ndMale2nd16000:47:2404:44
3rdOliver Shead
Fitstuff10K Men Open3rdMale3rd18600:47:3504:45
4thJosh Carter
-10K Men Open4thMale4th29500:49:4504:58
5thNeil Hayfield
Pis't'offen10K M40+1stMale5th28600:49:5004:59
6thMark Thompson
-10K Men Open5thMale6th6100:50:5005:05
7thAlastair Ward
-10K Men Open6thMale7th13600:50:5605:05
8thDavid Brighton
Horsell Husbandry Club10K Men Open7thMale8th14500:51:0705:06

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Class Result - 4th of 62

10K Men Open

Class Pos'nNameTime
2ndEd Fisher00:47:24
3rdOliver Shead00:47:35
4thJosh Carter00:49:45
5thMark Thompson00:50:50
6thAlastair Ward00:50:56
7thDavid Brighton00:51:07
8thMatthieu Davy00:51:31

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11-Jan-2018 11:16:45
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