AAT G3 No1
6 January 2018
Final Results


Martin Clarke completed the 10K Run in 00:55:48

Overall position
10K M40+
All men


Course Result - 39th of 267

10K Run

Pos'nNameTeam/ClubClassClass Pos'nGenderGender Pos'nBibTimePace
37thSam Whitmarsh
-10K Men Open18thMale35th3500:55:2805:32
38thCameron Munden
-10K Men Open19thMale36th9600:55:3705:33
39thMartin Clarke
British Military Fitness10K M40+18thMale37th9900:55:4805:34
40thMartin Edmonds
-10K M40+19thMale38th7600:56:0405:36
41stJonathan Mayne
-10K M40+20thMale39th5200:56:0905:36
42ndMarc Ebanks
-10K M40+21stMale40th23500:56:1205:37
43rdmegan elliott
-10K Women Open2ndFemale3rd18300:56:2805:38

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Class Result - 18th of 106

10K M40+

Class Pos'nNameTime
16thPaul Addie00:54:53
17thJames Levasier00:55:21
18thMartin Clarke00:55:48
19thMartin Edmonds00:56:04
20thJonathan Mayne00:56:09
21stMarc Ebanks00:56:12
22ndGuy Ingram00:56:51

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Results updated
11-Jan-2018 11:16:45
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