AAT G3 No1
6 January 2018
Final Results


Anne Connell completed the 10K Run in 01:04:42

Overall position
10K W40+
All women


Course Result - 123rd of 267

10K Run

Pos'nNameTeam/ClubClassClass Pos'nGenderGender Pos'nBibTimePace
121stAndrea Stehlikova
-10K Women Open11thFemale20th19501:04:1706:25
122ndTrine Andresen
-10K W40+9thFemale21st10401:04:2606:26
123rdAnne Connell
Fitstuff10K W40+10thFemale22nd22401:04:4206:28
124thPaul Mildon
-10K M40+58thMale102nd20601:04:4506:28
125thChristine Meek
ealing triathletes10K W40+11thFemale23rd901:04:5606:29
126thsarah clements
Fitstuff10K Women Open12thFemale24th13701:05:1606:31
127thmartyn davidson
dapdune strollers10K M40+59thMale103rd201:05:2206:32

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Class Result - 10th of 55

10K W40+

Class Pos'nNameTime
8thPaula Aldred01:04:00
9thTrine Andresen01:04:26
10thAnne Connell01:04:42
11thChristine Meek01:04:56
12thJude Palmer01:05:45
13thKerry Foley01:05:50
14thClaire Lowe01:07:27

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11-Jan-2018 11:16:45
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