Go Beyond Bedford Team Triathlon Relays

27 May 2018

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Split Times

Please note there is a slight error in the splits display, the Swim 2 time is incorrect, so swim 3 is actually swim 2 and Swim 3 has been added to T1, same for the run laps which are one out and the last split is run 5 & 6 combined, sorry about that, one of the boxes was not synced correctly, but you can still workout splits with some simple mental arithmetics.

Course Results

Class Results

Class Leaderboard

Female 15
Male 33
Mixed 44
Team/Club Results

Bedford Harriers 50 Shades Shade Bedford Harriers Divas &the Dude Bedford Harriers Team Feck
Bedford Harriers Team F'F'F' Fab Cambridge Tri Centaurs Cambridge Tri Chimeras
Cambridge Tri Dragons Cambridge Tri Gryphons Cambridge Tri Phoenixes
Freedom Tri 1 Freedom Tri 1 Step Fwd & 1 Back Freedom Tri 2
Freedom Tri 3 Freedom Tri 4 Freedom Tri 5
Freedom Tri Fromage Frais Flyers Freedom Tri I'm Not Matt Freedom Tri Lady Bugs
Freedom Tri Scrambled Legs Freedom Tri The Dram Team Greenlightpt Green Beans
Greenlightpt Green Better Halves Greenlightpt Green Fairies Greenlightpt Green Fananas
Greenlightpt Green Fiants Greenlightpt Green Flies Greenlightpt Green Fogies
Greenlightpt Green Goblins Greenlightpt Green Goddesses Greenlightpt Green Grocers
Greenlightpt Green Machines Greenlightpt Green Other Halves Greenlightpt Green Queens
Greenlightpt Green Snakes Harlow Tri Club Double JD Harlow Tri Club It's A Rap
Harlow Tri Club Jedi Gail Harlow Tri Club Out On The LAJ Harlow Tri Where's My Big MAK
King's Lynn Tri Club A King's Lynn Tri Club B King's Lynn Tri Club C
King's Lynn Tri Club D King's Lynn Tri Club E Marc Boni Bonimacs
Meridian Triathlon Club Baker Meridian Triathlon Club Probert Meridian Triathlon Club Squids
Meridian Triathlon Lunnon Meridian Triathlon O'Callagahan Nicetri St Neots Elite Wanabees
Nicetri St Neots TC Elite Nicetri St Neots TC Ladies 1 Nicetri St Neots TC Ladies 2
Nicetri St Neots TC Misfits Nicetri St Neots TC Offord Crew Nicetri St Neots TC Part Timers
Ntri The Must Tri Harders Pirates Not So Little Mixed Shires Triers 1
Shires Triers 2 Shires Triers 3 Tri Anglia Chairmans Chums
Tri Anglia Happy Maidens Tri Anglia Keel Hauled Tri Anglia Syncro Swimmers
Tri Anglia The Fancophiles Tri Sport Epping 1 Tri Sport Epping 2
Tri Sport Epping 3 Tri Sport Epping 4 Tri Sport Epping 5
Walden Tri Coaches Walden Tri Cross Generation Walden Tri Experience
Walden Tri Girl Power Walden Tri Whippersnappers Walden Tri Wises
Wdac 1 Ladies Wdac 2 Mixed Wdac 3 Mixed
Wdac 4 Vets Wvtri Ben’s Boys Wvtri Chippensnails
Wvtri Corby’s Finest Wvtri Honey B's Baddas Babes Wvtri Lcd
Wvtri Lycra Virgins Wvtri Shelley’s Shelley S Heroes Wvtri Small, Medium & Large
Wvtri Spandex Ballet Wvtri Splash, Dash & Flash Wvtri Splash. Spin, Sprint
Wvtri The Troublesome Threesome Wvtri Tri Tri Tri Again Wvtri Welland Valley Warriors

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