The Devils Challenge 2019

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Pos'nNameOverall Time
1stDamien Lane14:21:05
2ndChris Furness14:53:32
3rdRoderick Brown15:04:01
4thSimon Shaw15:06:42
5thLajos Gergely Gyurko15:10:38
6thTim Marsters15:15:22
Day 1 - Saturday - 49.6 km / 1,146 m climb
82 of 83 in
1stRoderick Brown04:24:3205:20
2ndChris Furness04:25:1305:21
2ndSimon Shaw04:25:1305:21
4thDamien Lane04:25:3905:21
5thLajos Gergely Gyurko04:40:2605:39
6thTim Marsters04:45:2705:45
Day 2 - 55.7 km / 1,355 m climb
83 of 84 in
1stDamien Lane05:20:4205:45
2ndAdam Swanson05:44:0906:10
3rdLajos Gergely Gyurko05:44:2806:11
4thTim Marsters05:46:1706:13
5thEdwina Sutton05:46:2006:13
6thmatthew Denniff05:48:2706:15
Day 3 - 48.1 km / 1,218 m climb
All 80 in
1stJon Ellis04:15:4405:18
2ndCamilla Chivers04:22:4805:27
3rdSimon Shaw04:23:1905:28
4thChris Furness04:23:2505:28
5thDamien Lane04:34:4405:42
6thTim Marsters04:43:3805:53
Latest finishers
Event: 245 of 247 in
NameCourseOverall Pos'nTime
Antoni CainDay 378th11:54:36
Vivien TomsDay 377th11:25:46
Nicholas RobertsDay 375th10:17:43
Victoria RawlinsonDay 376th10:17:44
Patrick SmythDay 367th08:44:44
Tess GeddesDay 373rd09:36:01
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06-May-2019 22:49:06
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