Exercise Nordic White Fist XC Individual

4 January 2019

Final Results







Provisional Results

The results are now complete and correlate with the ones issued by the Ex Officials this afternoon. Bibs 57 & 69 had broken tags, hence the missing data.
Best 3 to count - Men
Pos'nRace TeamCountingTeam Time
1st RNRM302:00:00.8
2nd QRH302:26:38.5
3rd LD302:27:14.5
4th RTR302:27:46.1
5th QDG302:33:00.4
6th HCR302:38:25.1
7th 2 Regt AAC302:46:09.2
8th LD Indiv302:49:08.7
Best 3 to count - Ladies
No team results for this class
Men - 11.7 Km
1stLBdr FOUNTAIN Vinny00:39:24.703:22
2ndLCpl PEACOCK Adam00:39:32.703:22
3rdMne STEVENS Brett00:40:00.603:25
4thLt SMITH James00:40:27.503:27
5thMne SMITH Russell00:43:36.603:43
6thSSgt CUNNINGHAM Lee00:44:21.003:47
7thLCpl GEDNEY Steven00:47:41.904:04
8thTpr BATTLE Zac00:47:43.704:04
Ladies - 9.3 Km
1stLBdr MITCHELL Ciara00:41:53.004:30
2ndLt ORMEROD Beatrice00:44:12.104:45

Men 63
Ladies 2
Results updated
05-Jan-2019 17:51:43