MLN #9 18-19

30 January 2019

Final Results


Course Results

Show Splits
Red - 4 Km
1stTracey Lyon
CLOK W4094254:5413:43
2ndAlex Mason
The Royal Lancers M2129555:1800:2413:49
3rdAmir Rai
2 Sig Regt M2120558:1103:1714:32
4thSimon Wood
The Royal Lancers M2192559:2404:3014:51
5thRubesh Gurung
2 Sig Regt M2094864:0409:1016:01
6thAlex Cairns
201 Fd Hosp W21140486:5932:0521:44
7thJoshua Tomlins
ITC (C) M20155790:3735:4322:39
8thRyan Simkins
ITC (C) M2024590:3935:4522:39
9thCiaran Cawdry
ITC (C) M2045195:3340:3923:53
10thJosh Ivins
ITC (C) M2124095:3440:4023:53
11thElliot Deane
ITC (C) M2122597:2242:2824:20
12thMark Lloyd
ITC (C) M201060100:3745:4325:09
13thKieran Thomas
ITC (C) M21789103:0548:1125:46
14thHarley Mutimer
ITC (C) M21651103:3748:4325:54
Dirgha Gurung
2 Sig Regt M21275DSQDSQ Missed Finish
William Parker
The Royal Lancers M21200DSQDSQ Missed 147
Results updated
30-Jan-2019 21:38:44