Bedford Tri Relays

28 July 2019

Final Results



Team 54 Nicetri St Neots completed the Triathlon Relay in 05:03:54

Tracy Crowley, Colm Crowley, Vanessa Turney

Overall position




Show Splits
Triathlon Relay
Pos'nNameClubClassClass Pos'nBibTimeMessage
63rdTeam 36 King's Lynn Triathlon Club
Joseph Wells, Alice Page, Robert Addis
KLTC HMixed18th3604:54:46A
64thTeam 46 Meridian Tri
Claire Duguid, Vicki Sultana, Sarah Gallichan
Team MooreWomen12th4604:59:00A
65thTeam 54 Nicetri St Neots
Tracy Crowley, Colm Crowley, Vanessa Turney
66thTeam 44 Meridian Tri
Mark Whitehead, Neil Rowland-Hall, Leigh Candler
Team ConneryVet12th4405:07:10A
67thTeam 45 Meridian Tri
Simon Brown, Beth Hart, Ken Pearson
Team LazenbyVet13th4505:10:10A
68thTeam 66 Wdac
Mike Gooch, Tracey Carstairs, Kirsty Day
WDAC Mixed BMixed19th6605:13:43A
69thTeam 72 Wvtri
Sue Henley, Andy Slater, Mandy Blackman
The T-shirt SeekersMixed20th7205:16:31A

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Class Pos'nNameTime
22ndTeam 40 Kiwi Tri04:50:49
23rdTeam 20 Greenlightpt04:51:21
24thTeam 54 Nicetri St Neots05:03:54
-Team 78 WvtriDNF
-Team 21 GreenlightptDNF

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1Swim Lap One00:12:43
2Trans 100:00:47
3Swim Lap Two00:16:56
4Transition 200:00:50
5Swim Lap Three00:18:06
6Transition 300:01:00
7Bike One00:56:21
8Transition 400:01:20
9Bike Two00:55:27
10Transition 500:01:24
11Bike Three00:53:48
12Transition 600:00:49
13Run One00:23:40
14Transition 700:00:37
15Run Two00:26:03
16Transition 800:00:43
FinishRun Three00:33:20
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30-Jul-2019 16:40:45