Bedford Tri Relays

28 July 2019

Final Results



Team 22 Greenlightpt completed the Triathlon Relay in 04:13:20

Sam Richardson, Julie Pritchett, Lee Hodgkinson

Overall position




Show Splits
Triathlon Relay
Pos'nNameClubClassClass Pos'nBibTimeMessage
19thTeam 75 Wvtri
Andy Brennan, Adam Wright, Will Ambery
20thTeam 63 Wdac
Martine Crofts, Neil McDonald, Pete Cowler
WDAC Mixed AMixed2nd6304:13:17A
21stTeam 22 Greenlightpt
Sam Richardson, Julie Pritchett, Lee Hodgkinson
Green FrogsMixed3rd2204:13:20A
22ndTeam 57 Peters Kev
Kev Peters, Owen Leyland, Paul Bearpark
Fat Tony's Fat / Fifty But StillVet3rd5704:15:04A
23rdTeam 11 Freedom Tri
Emma Kinsey, Michelle Reeves, Rachel Carling
Freedom Tri 3Women1st1104:16:09A
24thTeam 55 Northants Tri
Henrietta Dillon, Stavros Carayannis, Matt Reamsbottom
25thTeam 62 Thornton Julia
Julia Thornton, Paul Robinson, Neil Castree
We're Here For The Curry & BeerMixed5th6204:19:20A

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Class Pos'nNameTimeBehind
1stTeam 5 Cambridge Tri Club04:08:16
2ndTeam 63 Wdac04:13:1700:05:01
3rdTeam 22 Greenlightpt04:13:2000:05:04
4thTeam 55 Northants Tri04:17:3900:09:23
5thTeam 62 Thornton Julia04:19:2000:11:04
6thTeam 76 Wvtri04:22:3600:14:20
7thTeam 58 Shires Triers Triathlon Club04:23:1100:14:55

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1Swim Lap One00:12:25
2Trans 100:00:29
3Swim Lap Two00:16:55
4Transition 200:00:32
5Swim Lap Three00:12:51
6Transition 300:01:12
7Bike One00:44:24
8Transition 400:01:26
9Bike Two00:47:58
10Transition 500:01:12
11Bike Three00:46:36
12Transition 600:00:33
13Run One00:19:31
14Transition 700:00:37
15Run Two00:24:42
16Transition 800:00:33
FinishRun Three00:21:24
Results updated
30-Jul-2019 16:40:45