Mud Race - Provisional Results

This event will make you wish you had never taken up exercise. Each event is exactly 5km/10Km long and uses only natural obstacles such as hills, steep hills and flat hills. There are often water obstacles, mud, uneven ground, and hills.
Pos'nNameTeam/ClubClassClass Pos'nBibTime
=1Tom ButlerMud Party5K MenJoint
1234 00:48:01
=1Warren ButlerMud Party5K MenJoint
1236 00:48:01
3Rachael PinkMud Party5K Women1st1227 00:54:02
4Laura PinkMud Party5K Women2nd1222 00:54:33
5Abigail PeppiattMud Party5K Women3rd1200 01:00:00
6Elise PalmerMud Party5K Women41211 01:06:26
7Laura HallMud Party5K Women51221 01:06:30
=8Marianne MitchellMud Party5K Women=61149 01:14:18
=8Rhian LockeMud Party5K Women=61228 01:14:18
10Jodie Van DierenMud Party5K Women81219 01:14:24
11Elaine TillerMud Party5K Women91210 01:16:02
12Caroline CollinsMud Party5K Women101206 01:16:03
=13Michelle StedmanMud Party5K Women111223 01:17:08
=13Robert StedmanMud Party5K Men3rd1230 01:17:08
15Robert WiseMud Party5K Men41231 01:33:34
16Amanda WiseMud Party5K Women121203 01:33:41
17Jeff RobertsMud Party5K Men51218 01:33:42
=18Fiona HarrisonMud Party5K Women=131213 01:34:48
=18Hollie OppeMud Party5K Women=131216 01:34:48
=20Nicola PiperMud Party5K Women=151225 01:39:48
=20Sarah PiperMud Party5K Women=151232 01:39:48
22Karen KaraahmetMud Party5K Women171220 01:42:07
23Amanda MarshallMud Party5K Women181202 01:42:09
24Emma CarterMud Party5K Women191212 01:44:25
25Robert FaulknerMud Party5K Men61229 01:44:58
Daniel RobinsonMud Party5K Men1209 00:47:22
Helen WaltonMud Party5K Women1215 01:30:31
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